White Oak Hardwoods

wood-sample-white-oak-largeThis sturdy hardwood was a mainstay for shipwrights in the age of the tall ship, due to its moisture resistance and workability in terms of cutting and fastening. The use of white oak was common in the eastern United States, as well as in the Midwestern Great Lakes region, where many ocean going ships were constructed with this species of hardwood. White oak makes excellent hardwood flooring board because of its strength and general durability. The white oak wood itself is descriptively light in color, with subtle touches of brown highlighting.

Other common uses for White Oak are furniture, flooring, architectural millwork, mouldings, doors, kitchen cabinets, paneling, barrel staves (tight cooperage) and caskets.

The sapwood is light-colored and the heartwood is light to dark brown. White oak is mostly straight-grained with a medium to coarse texture, and contains longer rays than red oak. White oak therefore has more figure. White oak hardwood is hard and heavy with medium bending and crushing strength, a low stiffness, but very good steam bending, and is very resistant to wear.

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