Teak Hardwood Flooring

wood-sample-teak-largeOriginating in Indonesia and often used in the past for shipbuilding, teak hardwoods are renowned for their strength and resistance to the elements. Teak's uses beyond flooring include fine furniture, interior construction, canoes, and tables.

The sapwood of teak is white to pale yellow, and the heartwood can range from dark-brown to dark golden-yellow, or rich brown with darker chocolate-colored brown streaks. The species has a straight, occasionally wavy grain and is fairly coarse and uneven in texture. The wood itself can be greasy with shiny white pockets, and possesses a dull luster. Glue holds well and easily with teak flooring, and the wood stains nicely as long as a solvent is applied prior to staining. This solvent ensures that the natural oils in the wood are not affected.

Teak hardwood floors are somewhat hard and durable. It falls between black cherry and black walnut in hardness, and is about forty percent harder than Douglas fir, thirty-one percent softer than sugar maple, is roughly sixty-nine percent as hard as hard maple, and is just over forty-five percent as hard as santos mahogany.

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