Pine Hardwood Flooring

wood-sample-pine-largePine exists in North America and Central America, as well as in Northern Europe and the former Soviet Republic. In the United States Eastern White Pine, Ponderosa Pine, and Sugar Pine are the main variants used to make furniture.

The sapwood of pine is usually light yellowish-white to yellowish-tan, while the heartwood is light orange-yellow to red or yellowish-brown in color. The wood has a closed grain varying in figuring amongst species. The grain is usually straight, sometimes irregular, and the texture is commonly medium and uneven. Pines have a propensity to absorb preservatives rather well. The wood commonly has no odor. Most pine species are not difficult or time consuming to dry properly.

Pine is refined yet rustic, and its "knotty" characteristics provide warmth and individuality to each crafted piece. Usually light-yellow in color, the wood has a broadly spaced striation pattern. It is ideal for children's rooms, family rooms, beach cottages - anywhere you'd like an airier, lighter feel. Its natural grain and shades ensure that no piece is exactly alike. Pine floors are excellent for staining.

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