Mesquite Hardwood Flooring

wood-sample-mesquite-largeMesquite flooring is extremely durable and stands up to years of heavy wear and tear. Mesquite flooring is a great option for any home. The durability of mesquite hardwood floors makes it ideal for areas where other hardwoods cannot be used. It can even be used over radiant in-floor heat; a great benefit over the myriad flooring choices.

Mesquite wood flooring is environmentally sound and is known as a green product. It's a sustainable resource, meaning it regrows quickly. Mesquite has been viewed as a nuisance tree for years, but many ranchers are seeing the economic potential of this wood. As demand grows, many ranchers are growing mesquite for commercial use. Mesquite is found in the western states of the United States, in Mexico, and in other areas around the world. Make sure that all your mesquite wood comes from the same area, as mesquite colors can vary from area to area.

Mesquite flooring comes in two different grades, rustic and select. Select grade mesquite wood flooring is clear wood with a few tight knots. Rustic grade has wormholes, knots, and mineral streaks among other things. The holes are usually filled with epoxy and the whole board is then stained. Many times both grades are mixed together in flooring to give the floor a more natural and rustic look.

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