Kempas Hardwood Flooring

wood-sample-kempas-largeOriginating in Malaysia and Indonesia, Kempas is an exotic species of hardwood that offers one of the hardest, most dent resistant flooring products available anywhere in the world. The sapwood of kempas is yellow to pale white, while the heartwood is orangish-red to reddish-brown. This species has an interlocked or sometimes spiraled grain, is fairly lusterous, and is coarse in texture. All Kempas hues go well together and create exceptional color varieties.

Kempas has a natural resistance to decay. The wood remains smooth under friction and is has no discernable odor. Glue holds well with kempas flooring. This species sands well and is best polished with some filling.

As a flooring option kempas is a hard and durable wood. It is nearly identical in hardness to African padauk, is roughly eighteen percent harder than hard maple, and about one third harder than red oak.

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