Brazilian Cherry Hardwood

wood-sample-brazilian-cherry-largeThis richly colored hardwood is known both as Brazilian Cherry and Jatoba. Although it is not technically a cherry wood, it is similar to cherry in certain aspects, and quite unlike in others. Brazilian Cherry is extremely versatile and is used for cabinet making, tool handles, and athletic equipment. It also makes excellent hardwood flooring board.

The coloring of this exotic hardwood is very distinctive, characterized by a lustrous range of deep reds, burgundies, and darker reddish browns. These beautiful colors make Brazilian Cherry an extremely decorative hardwood flooring board option with an exotic, high-end appeal. This hardwood flooring board is photosensitive and will darken over time, just like American cherry hardwood. The wood is extremely dense and hard, more so than many domestic hardwoods, which makes it a very reliable choice for hardwood flooring board.

Brazilian Cherry is an extremely heavy wood and thus difficult to cut. The heartwood's colors are variable: from light brown to pink to reddish brown, sometimes with intense shadowing. The sapwood is notably differentiated, typically white and slightly yellowed, with a uniform medium texture. Brazilian Cherry's wood grain can be regular or irregular, and the surface is rough with poor shine. It darkens from a tan/salmon color to a deep, reddish brown and is more than three times as hard as domestic Red Oak.

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