Birch Hardwood Flooring

wood-sample-birch-largeNine species of birch trees grow abundantly in North America, and over 50 species are found around the world. Birches are usually the first to establish in cleared land, but start to die once other trees move in and offer shade. The tree is used to make everything from beer to toothpicks. It is nicknamed "Mother Tree" because birches were planted at the White house to honor the mothers of U.S. presidents. Native Americans famously used birch bark for making canoes and birch wood for arrows. In the modern era, birch is used to make an assortment of household items, and of course to enhance interiors in many ways, including its use as hardwood flooring board.

Birch has been long considered a reliable hardwood lumber because of its ease of use. The yellow birch tends to be slightly more golden in color when compared to other species of birch, although it retains creamy white highlights. Yellow birch hardwood often features curling patterns in the grain that make it stand out among hardwoods. The wood is characterized by a fine, uniform texture, making it perfect for attractive hardwood flooring board. Birch hardwood flooring is heavy, hard and strong, with good bending properties and shock resistance. It is relatively easy to work with and takes stain very well.

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