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J.D. Floor Store is an authorized retailer of all types, brands, and colors of carpet. Carpet flooring is practical, fashionable, and most importantly affordable. A wide variety of carpet fiber exists, but the most common are: polyester, nylon, BCF nylon, PET polyester, and Polypropylene. The type of fiber and the amount of fiber per square yard determine the cost of the carpet. We also offer different types of rugs and area rugs.

Polyester is a natural carpet fiber which has undergone little technological advancement since its creation. Basic Polyesters are subsequently the most affordable fibers for carpets. PET polyester fibers are made from recycled plastic bottles and are the most environmentally friendly option. Nylon carpeting is constructed using some post consumer recycled materials, and they incorporate the most stain resistant capabilities. BCF Nylons use mostly recycled materials and are the most technologically advanced carpet fibers. Polypropylene fiber is mostly found in “Berber” or “Loop” carpet and is relatively affordable in comparison to others. The fiber determines the warranty length of the carpet, which is provided by the manufacturer. We offer StainMaster carpet as well as other stain resistant and treated carpets.

Along with being practical, carpet is versatile, affordable and adds warmth to a home. Carpet comes in four different types: Texture, Loop, Pattern and Twist (aka Frieze). There are a variety of colors, styles and thicknesses, as well as a diverse mix of fibers in each carpeting type.

J.D. Floor Store carries the complete line of Shaw brand carpet including Stainmaster, Evertouch, Cleartouch, and Anso Nylon products. We also carry Mohawk and Beaulieu brand. Whatever carpet you are looking for, we can help complete your next home improvement project.

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